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Fira - Margarenia


Is the capital of Santorini. On the caldera side you get one of the best views of the island and the activity level is enough to keep you entertained for hours. There are cafes, bars, restaurants, all with views and some with several levels of patios and balconies to make the most of the space they have and the fact that when there are several cruise ships sitting below the town is packed with tourists. If you enjoy shopping or eating or drinking or hanging out and watching the view then Fira is worth visiting for a few hours in the day or evening.


Lying to the north of Fira, the village of Firostefani, ‘crown of Fira’, owes its name from its elevated position. Indeed, the breathtaking views of Fira and the volcano from the village are truly unforgettable. One of the highlights here will be the visit to the Blue Domed Church - the iconic church that has adorned the cover of so many brochures and guidebooks.
Imerovigli - Margarenia


At about 300 meters above sea level, Imerovigli is very often referred as the “balcony of the Aegean” and it definitely lives up to this name by offering a most spectacular view of the Aegean sunset. Other highlights are the many churches in typical Cycladic architecture, especially the church of Ai-Stratis and the Monastery of St. Nikolaos, as well as Skaros Rock which features the remains of a medieval fortress.
Definitely the most famous village of Santorini and one of unrivalled beauty. Certainly, there is no shortage here of attractions to intrigue the visitor - the glorious sunset, houses built in niches inside the volcanic rock, blue roofed churches, inspiring views and idyllic atmosphere will generously reward the visitor to this unique place.
Next on our itinerary is a special destination slightly off the beaten track.
Pyrgos - Margarenia
Exhibits all the magic of Santorini and trademark panoramic views of both sides of the island but also retains features of the Venetian rule. The traditional Cycladic houses and paths surround the old Venetian castle, offering the best of both worlds and making Pyrgos Village a place not to be missed.
Once the center of commercial activity, it is the largest settlement of Santorini with a definite medieval flavor and well-preserved traditional houses. The heart of the village boasts Emporio Kastelli, the best-preserved castle on the island. Enjoy a walk through the charming narrow streets and don’t forget to visit the churches.
Megalochori - Margarenia
With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is one of the most picturesque and traditional villages of the island. Historical mansions, restored houses and pirate hideaways are prominent features of this authentic old settlement.