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Fira - Margarenia


Is the capital of Santorini. On the caldera side you get one of the best views of the island and the activity level is enough to keep you entertained for hours. There are cafes, bars, restaurants, all with views and some with several levels of patios and balconies to make the most of the space they have and the fact that when there are several cruise ships sitting below the town is packed with tourists. If you enjoy shopping or eating or drinking or hanging out and watching the view then Fira is worth visiting for a few hours in the day or evening.


Lying to the north of Fira, the village of Firostefani, ‘crown of Fira’, owes its name from its elevated position. Indeed, the breathtaking views of Fira and the volcano from the village are truly unforgettable. One of the highlights here will be the visit to the Blue Domed Church - the iconic church that has adorned the cover of so many brochures and guidebooks.
Imerovigli - Margarenia


At about 300 meters above sea level, Imerovigli is very often referred as the “balcony of the Aegean” and it definitely lives up to this name by offering a most spectacular view of the Aegean sunset. Other highlights are the many churches in typical Cycladic architecture, especially the church of Ai-Stratis and the Monastery of St. Nikolaos, as well as Skaros Rock which features the remains of a medieval fortress.
Definitely the most famous village of Santorini and one of unrivalled beauty. Certainly, there is no shortage here of attractions to intrigue the visitor - the glorious sunset, houses built in niches inside the volcanic rock, blue roofed churches, inspiring views and idyllic atmosphere will generously reward the visitor to this unique place.
Next on our itinerary is a special destination slightly off the beaten track.
Pyrgos - Margarenia
Exhibits all the magic of Santorini and trademark panoramic views of both sides of the island but also retains features of the Venetian rule. The traditional Cycladic houses and paths surround the old Venetian castle, offering the best of both worlds and making Pyrgos Village a place not to be missed.
Once the center of commercial activity, it is the largest settlement of Santorini with a definite medieval flavor and well-preserved traditional houses. The heart of the village boasts Emporio Kastelli, the best-preserved castle on the island. Enjoy a walk through the charming narrow streets and don’t forget to visit the churches.
Megalochori - Margarenia
With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is one of the most picturesque and traditional villages of the island. Historical mansions, restored houses and pirate hideaways are prominent features of this authentic old settlement.
Black Beach Perissa - Perivolos - Margarenia
Black Beach Perissa - Perivolos
It is located in the southeastern part of the island, and has everything a visitor who is looking for intense fun, day and night. Its beach is one of the largest and most organized on the island, with thick black sand, steep waters, diving school , water park, facilities and trainers for water sports, camping, beach bars, sunbeds, umbrellas, hotels, taverns, etc. In Perissa the fun never stops.
Red Beach - Margarenia
Red Beach
As her name suggests, this beach is surrounded by red rocks -as a result of the volcano eruption- which give her a majestic look. It is a beautiful scenery and you will enjoy it either you’re traveling with your family or friends. This beach has crystal clear waters which are almost transparent and you can see the bottom of the sea.
Vlychada - Margarenia
Located in the southern part of the island, Vlychada has easy access, has a quiet canteen for essentials and sunbeds with umbrellas. It is long in length, with dark black sand and crystal clear waters that deepen very steeply. But if you move away from the canteen, you will enjoy your bath completely alone. In the surrounding area you will find a few taverns with delicious traditional delicacies, while if you sit until sunset, the sunset will compensate you for the stay.
Akrotiri Archeological Site - Margarenia
Akrotiri Archeological Site
This is one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean and, with the exception of the roofs, the majority of buildings and their contents have survived preserved by volcanic ash, enabling the visitor to marvel at this wonder of antiquity.
The Archaeological Museum of Thira - Margarenia
The Archaeological Museum of Thira

At the center of Fira the Archaeological Museum of Thira is located. At its halls you can see collections of sculptures and writings from the Archaic till the Roman period, as well as pottery vessels and idols made of clay.

Of the most significant exhibits are the great volcanic stone weighting 480 kilos, the Thiracian vessel with geometrical decoration which has been excavated from the ancient cemetery of Thira and it is dated tou the 7th century B.C.

The Prehistoric Museum of Thira
Through the exhibits of the Prehistoric Museum of Thira you can have a taste of the status of the island being one of the most important Aegean centers during the 18th and 17th century B.C. You can also come across to some findings dated back to the 5th millennium (Later Neolithic period).
The wine museum of Santorini - Margarenia
The wine museum of Santorini
The history of wine and the life of Santorinian’s winegrower from 17th to 20th century is presented with a special way at the unique underground Wine Museum in Greece. The museum is housed at the same spot with the Volcan Wines winery, in a building that combines traditional esthetics and functional infrastructure and it is under the care and supervising of its current owner, George Koutsogiannopoulos.It is located 6 meters underground and it’s length is 300 meters. Along the way you can find recreations with moving and fixed models, presenting a vivid image of viticulture activity in Santorini, from 1660 to 1970. Furthermore, through an automated personal tour you will be given with clarity all the necessary information regarding the island’s wineries.
Private Guided Tours (from 4-8 hours) - Margarenia
Private Guided Tours (from 4-8 hours)

From the specialized tourist guide that is always with you, you will get all the necessary information about every interesting point of the places you visit, turning the journey into a life experience. You do not have to make any preparations before you start your trip, looking for the interesting places and information on how to visit them.

The tour desk that has organized the excursion has taken care of it and is probably able to do it more easily and faster than you would have done it yourself, as there is a long experience and cooperation between Greek offices and cultural sites. What you can definitely do is choose the office with the most experience at the destination you’ve already decided you are interested in. A simple search on the internet will give you all the information.

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Semi Private Catamaran Cruise (5 hours) - Margarenia
Semi Private Catamaran Cruise (5 hours)

Set sail from the picturesque Marina of Vlychada and enjoy sailing along with the magnificent coastal scenery of Santorini. Your first photo shooting stop is at the Red Beach in Akrotiri, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island with the red rocks and the dark pebbles. Move on and reach the White Beach - accessible only by boat - and the Mesa Pigadia swimming spot and snorkel in the crystal clear blue waters with the rich underwater environment and reefs. Then sail past the Indian Rock, the Venetian Light House of Akrotiri. Pass by the Aspronisi Island and marvel at the glorious views of the Caldera and the cliff-hanging white houses. Sail around the must-see Volcano coast and stop at its’ hot springs, where you can treat yourself to a natural spa in the thermal mixed volcanic mud waters. One more stop follows up, this time to a secluded private bay and plunge in the majestic waters as our attentive crew prepares for you a delicious meal.

 * Information and reservation please contact reception desk

Santorini Volcano Tour (7 hours) - Margarenia
Santorini Volcano Tour (7 hours)

The tour starts with the bus transfer from the pick-up point to the port of Athinios and continues with the King Thiras boat to the lava island of Nea Kameni. King Thiras will make a stop to give us the opportunity to ascend the soil path and approach the crater of the still active volcano.
After seeing the crater, we will walk back down the path and get on King Thiras boat. We’ll sail to the second lava island of Palea Kameni and reach the Hot Springs. The boat makes a stop approximately 50 meters from the opening so you can dive in the green waters of the hot springs or relax and enjoy the view.

The tour continues to Thirasia Island which was part of Santorini before the big explosion of the volcano. We will stay in Thirasia for two hours having the chance to go for swimming, have lunch next to the sea or explore the village of Manolas with its winding steps and traditional houses.
Sailing across Oia, on the way back to Athinios port, you may take wonderful pictures of the cliffs and the breathtaking scenery. At the port of Athinios, the bus will be waiting to take you back to the place where you started the excursion.

* Information and reservation please contact reception desk

Island Bus Tour ( 9 - 10 hours) - Margarenia
Island Bus Tour ( 9 - 10 hours)

Start with the breath-taking view at the Prophet Elias Monastery and visit the picturesque monastery.

Next, discover Pyrgos village, one of the most picturesque villages of the island. Continue to Akrotiri excavations, one of the most significant archaelogical sites. Akrotiri is a vast structure, once habited by 200 families and preserved burried under the volcano’s lava. Then you will have free time (approx 40min.) at the Red Beach to simply enjoy the colorful formations of the mountain and/or visit Akrotiri Bay for coffee or lunch with Greek traditional mezedes and ouzo (not included in the price).
Fira town comes next, the capital of the island where strolling around will give you the opportunity to take magnificent pictures of the Caldera, shop or enjoy traditional Santorinian cuisine. Last stop, Oia village for the world’s most famous sunset.

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Full Day Santorini Traditional Villages & Sunset Tour ( 6- 7 hours) - Margarenia
Full Day Santorini Traditional Villages & Sunset Tour ( 6- 7 hours)

Visit the oldest Byzantine church of the island, built in 1115, from the ruins of a 6th century church. Its interior is decorated with wall-paintings and it is consided to be one of the most historical monuments. Mesa Gonia village is the next stop which is considered to be the center of Santorinian wine production. Mesa Gonia, is the only village that wasn’t restored since the great earthquake of 1956, and this will give you a unique opportunity to see how was life there before this dramatic event.

Next, discover Pyrgos village, one of the most picturesque villages of the island. Pyrgos used to be the capital of Santorini, now you will have the chance to visit Skaros (the ruins of the medieval capital), stroll around the village and take pictures of its beautiful churches, and enjoy a magnificent view of the island, once you reach the top of the village. Last stop, is Oia village, located at the western part of the island with the most famous sunset and an architecture that reminds that Oia was once a thriving village built from captains and sailors.

* Information and reservation please contact reception desk